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PHP learning 9

HI friends hope you are familiar with the previous portions. Now we are continuing our explanation of code from learning 7. I’m skipping the html codes. and we are directly going to line number 28. 1 <a href="Registration.php" style="text-decoration:none; font-size:24px;">Resistration</a> This line of code used to redirect to the registration form.This is known as anchor tag.In href portion we give our page to which we want to be redirected. Now we are […]

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PHP learning 7

I hope you all know about what is object oriented programming and what is procedure oriented programming. if you know those i can skip that section.I hope the following simple example help you to understand how to create a website using php and about object oriented programming in php. lets go through that…… Project Summary I’m going to explain a student registration project.Here a student want to be registered and display the […]

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